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Blend Pak, Inc. is located in Bloomfield, Kentucky near the site of its forerunner, Sutherland Mill. Four generations of the Sutherlands operated flour and corn mills in Bloomfield, carrying on the tradition of two earlier generations who had operated in several locations in central Kentucky beginning in 1810. D.B. Sutherland & Sons sold several brands of flour and corn meal to generations of homes from the grocery store shelf. In addition to flour and corn meal unadorned, a popular seasoned flour for frying meats and vegetables was developed for sale in the 1960's. This product's success help foster a dream in the present Sutherland generation for a new facility to create and blend ingredients for use in the modern food industry.
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Today, Blend Pak, Inc. operates with modern equipment and technology manufacturing batters, breaders, marinades, seasoning blends and specialty mixes as well as custom blended dry formulas to a variety of national accounts. Blend Pak's Research and Development team will match your signature formula, or assist you in developing a new formula that achieves your desired flavor, color and texture.

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